Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SEO Cheat Sheet

SEO Cheat Sheet

You have decided to take the plunge and put you business on the Internet. You have a limited marketing budget and want to promote your new site to attract new clients.

First, you are informed you will have to register your site with all of the search engines, which is a time consuming, tedious task. Some promotional sites claim to submit your site to thousands of search engines for a nominal fee. This seems like a bargain to you and you take advantage of this service. After waiting a few weeks you find this brings no additional traffic to your new web site and you can’t find your site on any of the major search engines.

Some accomplished SEO experts have a different approach. They will tell the novice web site builder that you never have to register your website with the search engines in order to indexed. How can this be? If you are developing web content for your site on an ongoing basis and getting links from other sites that themselves are being spidered daily, these spiders have to follow the links to your site. This is how the SEO experts get their sites ranked and spidered so quickly. One of the best ways is to join a well trafficked forum. These forums that have been around a while are constantly spidered by the major search engines. Once you have joined, post your knowledge or lack of knowledge regularly. Also, post links back to your site with keywords about your site in the anchor text. Find a forum that allows you to post links. Alternate your anchor text. Link deep into your site changing the link target page regularly. Every time the spider follows the link it will pick-up one or more of your pages in its index. Sometimes this whole procedure can be accomplished in a few hours.

Another benefit to linking from a forum is that you are slowly building the number of links back to your site. These are the highly valued one-way links many site owners pay dearly for. There is some evidence that Google likes to have links pointing to its home page. If you are so inclined you might have a link from some of your pages directly to Google’s home page. I can’t see where this would ever hurt your search engine ranking. If Google likes being linked to, then why not link from Google to your site. Google has many forums which allow linking back to your site. Make sure your post is pertinent to the topic at hand and interesting and you will even develop some traffic from this post.

All of these hints can also be applied to other search engines that have forums and allow the same back-links. There are a number of huge web sites all over the Internet that get tons of traffic and are spidered every day, and they will allow you to follow the same indexing strategy. Most of these have been abused by marketers at one time or another but they still fulfill our purpose of getting indexed quickly. One of the fastest growing Internet communities is myspace. This should work quite nicely.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thank God For Rednecks

Are rednecks the only Americans with a sense of humor? The jokes I have heard about and by rednecks are base, demeaning and sometimes very funny. If you are not redneck you are still invited to join the redneck joke party by telling your own. You will even get a howling laugh from any rednecks present when you tell your joke

Contrast this with telling a joke about any other subsection of American society. You will be accused of being the most ignorant ill- informed cretin to ever walk the face of God's green earth. You will be threatened with court action. You will be brought before your employer’s sensitivity board. Your first born child will be taken away by the state child welfare services. And last but not least your membership in “PC Americans With Nothing to Say” will be revoked permanently.

Why can’t we all get into this shared humor frame of mind? Most jokes about any segment of society will be about the stereotype presented about that particular group. There is not a group in our country that does not have derogatory stereotype. Comedians who push the boundaries of accepted humor are often regaled as the pioneers of their craft. If the most sensitive and emotionally immature of us are the ones whoa re going set the limits of what is available to make us laugh, it will be long bleak wait for the next time you find yourself enjoying a good hearty belly laugh about yourself with a friend of another ethnic heritage.

This must be sweet revenge for all rednecks. Hard working under appreciated as they are they have kept alive the spirit of self mockery. To understand your contribution to our country from a grounded everyday perspective is a rare feat in today’s age of instant celebrity. It takes courage and most importantly a sense of self respect and tolerance of society that allows for poking fun at ones own place in that same society.

So come on in from the cold of humorless corners of society and make up your own redneck joke. Tell a redneck friend. Get in the spirit and share the light heartedness of telling jokes in the manner for which they were intended. Remember, you know you’re a redneck when you load your kitchen full of dirty dishes into the bed of your pickup and go to the local carwash to clean em.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bali Nine

Bali Nine

Nine Australians were arrested in Indonesia on suspicion of drug smuggling. Five of the nine were found to have heroin taped to their bodies as they boarded a plane headed for Sydney. Four others were found at a local hotel with drugs and drug related paraphernalia.

In recent years there have been several Aussies found with drugs on them in Indonesia and subsequently charged. In Indonesia drug smuggling is a capitol crime. This has caused much alarm in Australia which has no death penalty. The friction between the two countries is primarily over this issue.

Why would young Australian men and women risk their lives to smuggle drugs from Indonesia.
The only answer can be greed. Could it be the promise of a big payday for little or no effort? Australia is one of the most prosperous countries on earth where the average worker enjoys relatively good wages and an easy lifestyle. By every measure Aussies are living well from the fruits of their labors. Like young people from allover the world young Aussies might not be able to put their blessings into proper perspective. One trip to Indonesia should alleviate this problem. Indonesia per capita gdp is 3700 dollars while Australia's is 37,000. Also much of Indosnesia's wealth is concentrated in a few hands. Average laborers make approx. 150 dollars per month. The stark contrast between the two societies should be enough to prod even the most sheltered twenty something into reevaluating his or her own plight.

Torture Is Over

Every February 14th men all over the world dread the expectation of Valentines Day. Not only don't we know what to get for our honeys we mostly fear the expectation of sweet hearts will not be met no matter what we do.
If we go ahead and invest in an expensive gift we are afraid of being accused of trying buy the affection of oursweet heart. If we get something too personal we might be trying to move along a realtionship that has no chance of moving along and scare off the object of our affection. If we try to genuinely think of the most appropriate gift and get very specific, we run the risk of just being plain wrong, and embarrasssed to no end.
Flowers and chocolates as generic as they are leave us with some wiggle room. They are what's expected and generally get the obligitory responce without putting us in the dog house. Thats why they will always be our first choice. Now with stufffed bears being added to the mix, we have a few more options.

Diamonds, are you kidding?